SkilRoute is built by RandomWalk Innovations Inc., a Delaware Corporation with operations in the Carolinas, Texas, New England, and Switzerland.

SkilRoute is an end-to-end online, tactile skills learning and training platform. Our patent-pending  interactive video technology enables to replicate live, in-person instructions to bring scale and efficiency to teaching hands-on/kinesthetic skills For ex. musical instruments, sports/fitness, arts & crafts, automotive, engineering, medical processes to name a few.

Entertain scenarios such as learning to sculpt, online, from one of the best instructors across the world. Or maybe, to learn Flamenco from one of the best instructors out there than your locally available instructor, or home-schooling with access to skills education content (carpentry, pottery, plumbing etc. ).

‘Hard skills’ are still primarily taught and learned in a traditional way i.e, face-to-face (‘brick-and-mortar’). All the convenience and efficiency of online learning — access to the best instruction from around the world, ease of access, self-paced and cost effective learning, scalability — are currently not available to training and education of skills.

We are changing that!

SkilRoute is an end-to-end content creation, management, and delivery platform. Instructors, coaches, trainers get to scale their services, significantly improving quality by tracking analytics, and generating more revenue. Students, learners,users can access content using their devices to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Our customers use the platform in two ways:

Individual instructors or small academies use it to monetize their content and scale to expand their customer base by reaching a global audience. Instructors use our simple-to-use recording app to create the highly interactive content all by themselves at zero-cost!

Businesses use our platform to deliver training content to their employees and customers.